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"A seeming unremarkable parcel of land in Forrestdale harbours a profusion of flora species if you know where and how to look..."

The Friends of Forrestdale was formed in April 1990 following a recommendation in the Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve Management Plan. Since that time, the group has played an active role assisting the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPaW) in the care and management of the Bush Forever sites and conservation reserves in the Forrestdale area.

These bushland and wetland sites include Anstey-Keane damplands, Piara Nature Reserve and Gibbs Road Swamp – all within the Jandakot Regional Park – and Forrestdale Lake Nature Reserve.

Ever-increasing housing and industrial development in the Perth region continues to destroy native bushland and wetland habitats. The Forrestdale area is undergoing extensive development, and the subsequent loss of natural ecosystems makes the few remaining areas all the more significant.

This development includes the proposed extension of Keane Road through Anstey-Keane Dampland. For more information click here...

These species-rich sanctuaries encompass a remarkable variety of plants and wildlife – some of which have been found nowhere else – and in order to retain the diversity of these extraordinary bushland and wetland areas, it is critical that they remain intact, are not fragmented, and are managed correctly. 

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